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Plastic and Metal Cable Glands and Accessories

Bopla Cable Glands and Accessories

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Cable Glands
Cable Glands
Cable Glands
MSK Cable Glands
Cable Glands

MSBF Cable Glands

MSD Brass Cable Glands

MSS Brass Cable Glands


MZI Cable Glands   PST Plug-In Cable Gland    MEMV EMC
Cable Glands
Brass Nuts


Polyamide Nuts
  BL / MBL Polyamide
Blind Plug
  BS Blind Washers   DR / MDR Sealing
Rings (Gaskets)
GD Multiple Sealing Rings
MGD Multiple Sealing Rings
  GD Sealing Rings for Clamping Cages   VS BF Plugs   KK Clamping Cages
for Half Cable Glands
WN Twisting Nipples   DZP Pressure Screws   TZP Anti-Bend Protection Pressure Screws
  DAE M12 Pressure Compensation Element
Rose Cable Glands and Accessories
Download Product Information for This Group 

Ex Cable Glands and Accessories   Rose Polyamide
Cable Gland
  Polyamide Cable Gland with Bending Protection  

MS Brass Cable Gland
MS Brass EMC Version

Rose Polyamide
Blind Plug
  Rose MS Brass
Blind Plug
  Rose Polyamide
Counter Nut
  Rose Brass Counter Nut
Rose Brass EMC Version

Rose PE Seals   Rose Pressure Balance Element (Polyamide)   Rose Pressure Balance Element (Stainless Steel)    

We have attempted to present the information about our enclosures on this website in a straight-forward manner. We offer this information as accurate at the time of publication. Specifications are subject to change without notice. Rose and Bopla are not responsible for inadvertent errors.

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